The Hoarder in You, Dr. Robin Zasio

The Hoarder in You is by a woman who is a therapist specializing in Hoarding Disorder and who consults for one of the popular hoarding shows on TV. As a professional organizer, I have worked with quite a few hoarders and have found it a Sisyphean task.

I really appreciate Zasio’s book because it makes the hoarding impulse very relatable. For example, even though I veer toward minimalist in style, I sort of hoard purses, shoes, jewelry and clothes. I just ordered yet another pair of yoga pants in a design I already have 3 of because I’m afraid they will stop making that design and I love it. (Dr. Zasio calls that “stockpiling,” and it helps normies understand aspects of our behavior that can help us relate to and have compassion for family and friends with hoarding problems.)

Every time I review this book I have to put it down and do a little declutter or clean the cat box or something, I get so freaked out by any signs of clutter in my own home when I read about hoarders. It is great motivation for cleaning out and reassessing what we own.

There are great quizzes and questions in the book too, which can answer where you might be on the hoarding spectrum.

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