Parisian Chic, Ines de la Fressange

Taking a break from The Mythic Image and Ulysses, I pulled this adorable book from the shelf thinking it might be an easy one to toss into the give away bag. Not so fast. It’s full of quirky drawings and great insider tips for shopping in Paris and dressing a la Parisienne. Ines’ beautiful, coltish daughter models some of the looks.

Immediately I notice something in the photos–no bling! With age flashy stuff looks ridiculous on me and I’ve been reeling back the statement jewelry and anything shiny lately. I think the big difference between Parisians and Americans is not only do we love stars and spangles, but that we try to look to perfectly put together while the French don’t mind looking like they just got out of (someone else’s) bed.

We shall see how good the “inside Paris” tourist tips are the next time I’m there, and, according to the Zoe Report, cheap cheap flights are coming: soon

I liked seeing some of my favorites on Ines’ online shopping list–apparently Parisiennes love the fast fashion of Urban Outfitters and Top Shop too. But I checked out some of the sites I didn’t recognize and was disappointed–one of the vintage sites she loves sells really bad (and very few) pieces from the 80s and earlier, including very worn men’s sandals as one of six pair of shoes available from the 70s and a bunch of acrylic Cosby sweaters. Yuck! I can find better stuff at Goodwill. But overall, fun and useful fashion information.


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